Effective Communication and Personality Development through Theatre (ECPDT)

A 120-hour short-term add-on course on ‘Effective Communication and Personality Development through Theatre’ has been successfully conducted in the college for last 9 years under the supervision on course director Mr. Ajay Manchanda. The course had several people associated with National School of Drama (NSD) as Resource Persons.
The course that is inspired by the vision of life-skills-based education of UNICEF and WHO seeks to hone skills such as effective communication, dynamic leadership through problem solving, critical thinking and decision-making, ability to think creatively and act confidently amongst students through acting, improvisations, performances and scripting, teamwork and interpersonal relationships skills.
The course includes exercises such as associating one's name with a new product and making creative advertisements for marketing of the imaginative product; description of one's self in a few words; writing a story by just listening to a piece of music, standing like a statue followed by interpretation of the characters by others, sharing of secrets by participants, chau dance to improve body fitness, trust excercises, voice modulation exercises etc. The purpose of the course is to enhance both verbal and non-verbal communication skills of students making them more creative and confident while presenting their views.
This year, the college intends to start the course from August 17, 2019. The course is expected to culminate during third week of October 2019.The course fee will be Rs. 8,500/- only for the students of our college and Rs. 10000/- only for students doing UG/PG from various universities in Delhi/ NCR. Registration form, costing Rs. 100/-, will be available in the Principal's Office from July 20, 2019 to August 03, 2019. Selection to the course will be on first-come- first-serve basis. The students will be required to pay the course fee online by August 10, 2019. Classes will begin from August 17, 2019.

For further information the course convenor, Dr. Neelgagan Singh (8882006671) may be contacted.

Salient Features:

  • 120-hour short-term add-on course.
  • Inspired by vision of life-skills-based education of UNICEF and WHO.
  • Resource Persons associated with National School of Drama.

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