The college is among the best in the University as far as the laboratory infrastructure is concerned - and as a 'science' college this is of paramount importance. We have state-of-the-art equipments that are used for regular teaching as well as for projects by students and teachers. They are sufficient (and more) number to ensure that each student gets hand-on learning experience in the laboratories.  

Some of the equipments that have attracted attention include UV spectrophotometers, Physiological Data acquisition system (Bio-pack), Fluorescence microscope, ELISA reader, Refrigerated microfuge,  Lyophilizer, Gel Documentation system, Phase contrast microscope, Dot-blot system with vacuum pump, Refrigerated incubator shaker, -20 C Deep Freezer, Gel Electrophoresis (horizontal/vertical), Western Blot, Spirometers, Tissue culture facility, Millipore water purifier, PCR and gradient PCR, Arbitrary Function Generator, Fiber Optic Trainer, Computer based HALL Effect Setup, Amplitude Mod/Demod. Trainer with Spectrum Analyzer, PCB Drafting & Fabrication Setup and Laser Trainer Kits. 

These equipments are used to provide hands-on training to the students who therefore get an opportunity to correlate some of the things taught in their theory classes. Operating these instruments they embark on a steep learning curve as they get to appreciate finer points of research. They are also used by faculty for research.      

Since 2008, when a Supreme Court decision required that seats be increased in colleges to accommodate OBC reservation, the college was forced to construct four port-a-cabins for classrooms.  Two large laboratories were also constructed as laboratories for students of Life Sciences and Physical Sciences. 

In order to satisfy the ever increasing power requirement due to the teaching laboratories and expanding infrastructure, the college has taken the initiative to boost the electrical load from a mere 58 KVA to a whopping 200 KVA making it future-ready.  A new block to house the electric sub-station exclusively for the college coupled with a new H. T. Transformer has already been constructed.   

In association with the National Mission for Bamboo Applications, we have constructed a new canteen block with eco-friendly furniture - the three canteen structures house the kitchen, the student hall and a faculty room. 

The session 2011 was special due to the fully airconditioned Library being available to students.  The large reading room, the excellent Wen Centre and the spaces for teachers and Reserach Scholars makes the Library really special. 

The new Chemistry laboratory have also made practicals in the Chemistry Department much better spaced.  We have also another 125 KW Generator to the one we had.  So power cuts in college are a thing of the past.