French Certificate course syllabus

Paper I

Communicative French I


Functional Grammar based on text book


Prescribed textbook:

Le Nouveau Sans Frontiers, Vol. 1, P. Dominique,J. Girardet et al, Cle International, Paris, 1989

Paper II

Text Comprehension and Written Expression


Comprehension of simple texts and précis-writing


Essays on simple topics, questions on civilization


Translation of simple passage into English and simple sentences into the language of study


Recommended books:

Conjugaison,(Ouvrage collectif), Le Robert and Nathan, Editions Nathans,1996.Grammaire, (Ouvrage collectif), Le Robert and Nathan,Editions Nathans, 1996.

Paper III

Oral Expression


Reading of texts, general questions on the country and civilization.


Material for oral expression will be supplied by the College