German Diploma course syllabus

Paper I

Communicative German II 



Functional Grammar based on text book



Prescribed textbook:

SprachkursDeutsch 2 and 3, Verlag Moritz Diesterweg Frankfurt am Main 1989/ GOYL Saab Publishers and distributors 


Paper II

Text Comprehension and Written Expression



Comprehension of text on general topics



Essay writing and letter writing



Translation of passages into the language ofstudy and vice-versa 



Recommended books:

Grundgrammatik Deutsch, Verlag Moritz Diesterweg / GOYLSaaB,Delhi,1992

Negotiating in German. A Dual Language Guide, Langenscheidts Berlin and Munich 1994/ GOYLSaaB Publishers and distributors,New Delhi, 1996.

Wir lesen Deutsch, 2. Teil (H. Schroeder, Inge Kirchhoff), Max

Hueber Verlag,München 1989Langenscheidts Taschenwörterbuch, German-English, English-German, GOYLSaaB, Delhi, 1994

Espanol en Fronteras I,SGEL, Ven 1, Edelsa 1992. 404020


Paper III

Oral Expression