Department of Biomedical Science

The course Biomedical Sciences was introduced in the University by Acharya Narendra Dev College in 1999. Over all these years the Department has done our college proud and added many a feathers in its laurel. The department has gained a prominent status and distinction of offering one of the most promising undergraduate courses in the country. The course provides a platform to students for their future endeavors in academics, research or in industry. The students are exposed to challenging curriculum to prepare them for the intense competitive atmosphere of professional sciences. We are proud at the turnout rate of our students getting selected for post-graduation in science and technological fields of some of the most prestigious institutes like IISc, AIIMS, NCBS, IITs. Our Semester and FYUP Course structures have been revised keeping in mind the growing demand of students trained in multi-disciplinary sciences for a professional advantage.

Teaching and Research Activities: Our department offers projects that represent an interesting alchemy of scientific research and technological innovations. The students are exposed to a problem with multiple approaches. It helps them to develop a realistic understanding and opens avenues for self-directed learning enabling them to study various approaches to a problem according to their choices. The student also learns time management skills to balance between his or her basic syllabus curriculum and the project work. Regular assignments, presentations and seminars are mandatory for each student. Thrust is on peer learning and working in collaborative teams. Under the guidance of Dr. Urmi Bajpai, A large number of students have participated and contributed (since 2007) in the building of a repository of genes (identified as potential targets for drugs and as candidates for vaccines) cloned in  suitable vectors and recombinant proteins from Mycobacterium tuberculosis under the guidance of Dr. Urmi Bajpai. Last summer, students (9) discovered and purified Mycobacteriophages from environmental samples and worked towards amplifying genes from these isolates under the guidance of Dr. Urmi Bajpai and Dr. Abhishek Mehta. This year, in an inter-disciplinary innovative project sanctioned by the University of Delhi, students are exploring the potential of mobile healthcare in India under the guidance of Dr. Urmi Bajpai, Dr. Sarita Kumar (Zoology) and Dr. Vishal Dhingra (Electronics)The  laudable efforts of Dr. Gagan Dhawan has resulted in the Department of Biomedical Science of Acharya Narendra Dev College and Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences jointly offering a new add-on course in Bioinformatics and in-silico Drug Discovery for the undergraduate students of the University. This course helps to suit the fast track needs of bioinformatics and in-silico drug discovery divisions of pharmaceutical companies and research organizations.  As a part of DU Innovation Projects, Dr. Rajesh Chaudhary conducted a study of locomotory behavior of birds as well as used a biosensor approach in developing a glucose detection kit and Dr. Gagan Dhawan conducted an innovation project titled “Survey-based study to identify the health hazards associated with occupational exposure of textile dyes used by dyers to color the fabrics”. This is just a window to the highly diverse research interests of our esteemed faculty. It is mandatory to undertake Summer Projects for our students in various reputed research institutes, universities, and pharmaceutical companies as a part of their curriculum.

We encourage our students to participate in symposia and scientific meetings across the country. BMS students proudly represented the college at the 6th Science Conclave at IIIT-Allahabad in December 2013.

Educational excursions form an essential part of our “out-of-classroom teaching” as we visit renowned educational centres and biodiversity sites to expose our students to the bigger goal of their education.