Department of Computer Science

The Department is offering B.Sc. (Hons.) Computer Science and B.Sc. Physical Science (Computer Science) of the University of Delhi. The department has a permanent faculty strength of seven which is one of the largest in the subject in the University of Delhi. The dedication of the teachers along with the hard work of the students has reaped good results and meritorious positions.
The Department has five state-of-the-art well-equipped computer laboratories with high speed internet facility.To encourage students to explore alternate computing environments, our labs run Linux Operating System and Free Open Source Software Systems (FOSS) applications. Linux is a robust operating system, both virus free and crash free. Its source code is available on Internet for everyone to explore and provides a learning platform to the students

The departmental society- Turing Society, organizes festivals, seminars and workshops on various upcoming and latest topics in the field of computer technology. The FOSS Club of the Department regularly organizes hands-on workshops on Linux and FOSS for the staff and students of ANDC. The main aim of the club is to foster the principles of Free and Open Source. Besides faculty members, these workshops also see students acting as resource persons thus furthering the FOSS philosophy of learning and sharing. This year the Department organized a 4-days excursion to the splendid hills of Manali.  Such excursions take learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom. The department also propagates practical learning through various summer projects. 31 students of our department worked on 4 projects during the summer of 2012 and benefited through the ELITE scholarship where they were given a scholarship of Rs.1000/- per month per student.

The Opportunity
With the degree courses offered by the Computer Science Department, students can be immediately absorbed into the IT industry in a variety of profiles. These include hardware jobs in computer design, chip design and maintenance as also software jobs like system programming, software engineering, application programming, and enterprise resource planning. Internet-based job profiles like web designer, database administrator, e-commerce/ e-finance professional are also available, as are other IT-centric job profiles at call centers, in education, marketing advisors and animation and multimedia. The current thrust on Linux and FOSS has opened up new career opportunities for the students.