Electronics Department

The Department of Electronics is one among the 10 academic departments of the Acharya Narendra Dev College. The Department came into existence with the inception of the college in 1992 with the vision to impart quality education for professional excellence and commitment for sustainable development. It offers a four year BTech Electronics Course. The Department has highly qualified, motivated and dedicated faculty members having specializations in micro-electronics, modeling and simulation of novel heterostructures, laser material interaction, optics and material science etc. In very short span, this department has achieved remarkable success in the implementation of academic activities and it always thrive to be in pace with surrounding research activities by actively participating and organizing seminars and conferences.
The department has undertaken pioneering effort to initiate the process of starting a student chapter of SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering to promote the concept of Photonics amongst students. The student chapter at ANDC has been selected to be one of the 25 organizations worldwide for SPIE Education Outreach Grant to promote optics and photonics related education outreach projects.

The department offers excellent learning and research facilities to enable the students to meet the challenges of future world & focuses on all round development of the students. The electronics laboratories in the college are amongst the best in the University of Delhi and are equipped with latest state-of-art equipment Students are given exposure to various industrial electronics software such as XILINX, ORCAD, LABVIEW etc. Department introduced Practical Modules for its students – a practice followed in all foreign universities and this effort sets this department apart from other colleges. The key strength of the department is the encouragement students are given to go beyond the curriculum and learn skills that help them stand in good stead in their future careers.

Summer Training

Though not part of their curriculum, motivated by the various research activities, students have been regularly attending summer training in the research laboratory. In the last vacations, it was attended by 20 students.
Following three students worked under the mentorship of Dr. Amit Garg and Mr. Vishal Dhingra under the ELITE Fellowship programme-

  1. Ajay Acharya
  2. Pulkit Saxena
  3. Deepak Kumar

Dr. Sona P. Kumar and Dr. Ravneet Kaur also served as a mentor for ELITE Fellowship programme. Title-Physics Based Numerical Problem Solving Using Mathcad.

Following students worked under their supervision

  1. Ms. Madhavi Sharma
  2. Ms. Reeta Rawat
  3. Ms. Shivangi Verma

Workshops Organized

A two day workshop on LabVIEW and Data Acquisition was organized on 05th and 06th October 2012 under the mentorship of Dr. Amit Garg to enhance the conceptual understanding of various aspects related to LabVIEW. The workshop was attended by 50 students. Various features related to acquiring, analyzing, displaying and storing data, as well as tools to help troubleshoot the code were demonstrated through hands-on sessions. The workshop was conducted in association with Ms. Reena Sharma of Learning Made Easy, Mumbai.

A three day workshop on Mobile Interfacing and Remote Laboratory access using LabVIEW was organized from 08th-10th January 2013 under ANDC-103 innovative project in the college. The purpose of the workshop was to train students on different types of data acquisition devices for analog and digital exchange of data through hand-on sessions. Exposure to various features related to webservices of LabVIEW was also given for mobile interfacing and remote access of laboratories. The workshop was conducted under the mentorship of Dr.. Amit Garg in association with M/s Electrono Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.