Department of English

No one can deny the importance of English in contemporary times since it is the second most spoken language in the world and the lingua franca in many professions. It is the language of science, technology, education, employment, trade, economy, commerce, medicine, aviation, and so on. It acts as a link language among people of different cultures. The English language has become a necessity today, and a fairly high degree of proficiency in English and excellent communication skills enhance students’ employment prospects.
The English Department of the College plays a major role in the overall personality development of the students.  It helps to strengthen the English language skills of the students, many of whom arrive in college with poor communication skills in the language.  There are several students who have had little exposure to English during their schooling, and hence they are highly dependent on the ‘English Language Proficiency Course’, run by the Department in collaboration with CIE, University of Delhi, to improve their language skills.   The Department presently conducts the Foundation Courses – Language, Literature, and Creativity – II (English), Indian Literature and the Applied Language Course (Translation and Interpreting) in English – for the FYUP students. The teachers fulfil the objectives of these courses by developing the four basic skills of language – listening, speaking, reading and writing – by exposing the students to literary texts, thereby sensitizing them to literature and helping them to give vent to their creative expressions by engaging them with some real life issues of the present times.  Apart from teaching the prescribed papers, the Department plays an active role in preparing them for various intra and inter-college debate and declamation competitions and grooms them for their professional life.