Department of Mathematics

The Department has faculty strength of nine. The department offers Bachelor of Honours (Mathematics) and Master of Science (Mathematics). Besides conducting the Honours course in Mathematics, the faculty also teaches Mathematics to students doing Honours in other subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science. The faculties of department are involved in National mission on education and few papers written by the faculty of department has been selected to publish. The broad areas of specialization of the faculties are Algebra, Analysis, Differential Equations, Space Dynamics and Operation Research. The department has been able to carve out a niche for itself by not only imparting theoretical knowledge of the subject but also by providing hands on practice through various mathematical software like Mathematica, Matlab, Maxima, etc. The Department conducts workshops/Instructional conferences for the teachers as well as for the students. In the last academic year department organizes two workshops on Mathematica and Maxima. The department society “Matrix” organizes quizzes, seminars, lectures and trips to encourage all-rounded development of the students. The department also provides facilities to the students to do project with the faculty in their area of interest. The department also provides training for the students for career in higher mathematics; training for problem solving in mathematics  for IIT-JAM, NET/SLET etc. Every year department organizes excursion for the second year students, this gives a great opportunity to the student to interact with each other and to understand day to day life situations in mathematical manner.