Department of Zoology

Department of Zoology continues to be the first choice of the students of Biology. Zoology as a subject provides wide scope for the students willing to go for higher studies. It includes subjects ranging from classical ways of animal study such as animal diversity to the modern molecular biology approach. Students are taught all modern sciences such as Biochemistry, animal physiology, biotechnology, Molecular biology, genetics and medical zoology besides the traditional aspects.

The Department is equipped with equipments like electrophoresis apparatus, Autoclave, centrifuges, UV transilluminator, microbalances, oven, bacterial incubators, refrigerators and spectrophotometer so as to perform advanced molecular biology experiments. It nurtures a healthy scientific atmosphere among students and teachers. It has very dedicated and helpful non-teaching staff.

A departmental library has been set up that is rich in books frequently required by students of the department.  Students are always encouraged to work with teachers to organize workshops in the department. Students carry out part of their project work with different scientists engaged in active research in laboratories across the country.

The Department provides a conducive atmosphere for the overall personality development of the students. It organizes a zoological excursion every year in which students are accompanied by teaching and non teaching staff. Students of the department have been sports champions in the college during past academic year. Students have also participated actively in college student council – Debadityo has been elected as Mayor of the college student council for the year 2008-2009.

The teachers also prepare students in their final year B.Sc. for competitive exams for M.Sc. courses across the country. Students have been selected for M.Sc. courses of Delhi University, JNU and IISc Bangalore etc.