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Th!nk Lab is an autonomous lab of the students, which works without any supervision of teachers. It is in collaboration with 'Collaborative Under Biology Education (CUBE), Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, TIFR. We believe that -'Sophistication is required in minds and not in the labs'  

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It’s not just a Lab it’s a "Science Cafe", a "Knowledge Studio". It’s a movement against dead science which is a common phenomenon in our school and colleges. Children in their school days do not get true essence of science, all they gain is the practical file knowledge.


Therefore, f​or all those curious minds who think science something beyond writing exams, Th!nklab is the place.
Think lab was an initiative of the students, by the students and for the students. We believe in using simple model systems to discuss some frontier questions in biology. Understanding the process of science- observation, hypothesis, experimentation, recording and collaboration, rather than emphasizing only on the product of science-facts and theories. The motto of the lab is to learn science by asking questions instead of memorizing answers. It runs on the idea of 'project -based learning' where students learn by working together on a challenge for an extended period of time.
From finding an empty room for discussions to working in a well organised laboratory, the journey of th!nklab is in itself a great success story.​ ​Initially the lab suffered lots of criticism, accompanied with lack of space to start projects, lack of enthusiasm from students and lack of equipment to work upon.​ ​However, it's persistence made it stand against all odds, and now we have an established lab​, good support from the college faculty and administration, as well as a network of collaboration with like minded students in different colleges in the university and country.
Through various projects being carried out on bacteria to earthworms, thinkers try to open the myriads of multidisciplinary biology by asking simple questions. We worked on more than 10 model organisms, designed projects, some were just a question​, others achieved up to analysing a hypothesis and many included experimental work. But following   e​ach story of success or failure of our experiments,​ we learnt science.
Students from Th!nk Lab have presented their work at various places like Symposium on Changing Trends in Biology at Maitreyi College, CUBE mid-term Meet at HBCSE TIFR Mumbai, Indian Academy of Neurosciences, Chandigarh and were appreciated everywhere.
Th!nk Lab-CUBE stall has been awarded the First Prize in best exhibits competition of Darpan organized by Acharya Narendra Dev College, on the occasion of Silver jubilee celebrations - Rajatotsav.
With the support of college and spirit of students th!nklab stood against all expectations in last one year and there are miles to go.