Education Conclave

Coordinator: Dr Ravi Toteja


1. Dr Sarita Kumar
2. Dr Seema Gupta
3. Dr Sharanjit Kaur
4. Dr Rajesh Chaudhary
5. Dr Charu Khosla Gupta
6. Dr Arijit Chowdhuri
7. Dr Amit Garg
8. Dr Urmi Bajpai
9. Dr Seema Makhija
10. Dr Manisha Jain
11. Dr Subhash Kumar
12. Dr Sandeep Goel
13. Dr Chaman Singh
14. Mr Sanjay Vohra

The College organized an Education Conclave “Education Deconstructed: Dialogue with Experts” on Friday November 2, 2018 in its premises. The scope of the conclave was to deliberate among academics and academic administrators the new initiatives with education and pedagogy which ANDC has adopted. The conclave was attended by a educationists, scientists, researchers and policy makers. Professor Bhusan Patwardhan, Vice-chairman, University Grants Commission (UGC) was the Chief Guest. He delivered the inaugural address. This was followed by two interactive sessions where the participants deliberated on the contemporary challenges in undergraduate education in India, while keeping in context the initiatives at ANDC. Participants also visited various research laboratories and other facilities available to students in the college.