Research Publications

Realizing how important it is for a good teacher to keep abreast of the latest in their respective fields the faculty at Acharya Narendra Dev College are encouraged to pursue research and submit projects for external funding.   These projects help supplement the funds available for infrastructure development. These projects also help nurture a research atmosphere in the college and provide the young students early exposure to 'real' hands-on experimentation using sophisticated instrumentation.  Hence, the faculty besides fulfilling their teaching responsibilities, are active in research and, of course, research publications follow.

Good research would require participation in Conferences, Symposia etc. to enable sharing of knowledge and results.  In keeping with the paradigm of 'Life-long Learning'  teachers and students are encouraged to participate in  seminars and workshops and constantly upgrade their skill sets and knowledge. 

All such efforts of the college result in the rich collection of refereed publications as well as of papers presented in conferences/symposia etc every year.  We present to you a year-wise list of these publications in the linked pages for perusal.