Welcome to the college...

Acharya Narendra Dev College was established in 1991 as a constituent college of University of Delhi and is fully funded by Government of NCT, Delhi. The college is named after the great educationist and reformist of modern India, Acharya Narendra Deva. Over the years, the college has acquired repute for the quality of education imparted to the students, the discipline and dedication of the students and the faculty, the exposure and opportunities available for overall development of both faculty and students and the sense of social responsibility within its walls. Extra curricular activities like sports, theatre, debates, music, eco-club, NSS etc engage students when they are not in class.

On offer are B.Sc. (Honours) in Biomedical Sciences, Botany, Chemistry, Commerce, Mathematics, Physics, Zoology, Computer Science and Electronics. It is the first college of the University to introduce the B.Sc. (Honours) Biomedical Sciences. Students can also enroll for the Postgraduate Degree of University of Delhi in Chemistry and Mathematics. It also offers part-time certificate and diploma courses in foreign languages - French, German, Spanish and Russian. Besides, the Add-on courses ELPC and ECPDT also enrich the students' language, personality and provide them learning opportunities.

Students rush to this college because of the reputation we have built about the quality of our teaching, the laboratories and other facilities that are state-of-the-art and amongst the best in the University. The library is extensive and serves as good support for the teaching-learning process.  The college is also known for being a pioneer within the University in 'FOSS and OER' - paradigms that provide great learning and sharing opportunities and promote collaboration with people anywhere and everywhere in the world (through www).

Besides catering to students in Delhi, and South Delhi in particular, we have a large number of students who come from diverse parts of the country. The college has a prime location on the new 'Central Secretariat-Badarpur' metro route. For students in Faridabad Acharya Narendra Dev College is an obvious choice.